Read our guide to find out how to sell an item on printerecycle.


Register or Login

Head to the Login/Register page (can also be reached on ‘Sellers Dashboard’ under Sellers in the menu). Register by entering your details on the right, you will have to set up your shop, filling out fields including payment & shipping details. Returning users can simply Login by entering username & password.

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Changing your details

Once logged in you will be able to see your details, you can edit your addresses and account details here.

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Adding an item

To add or edit products, head to the ‘Sellers Dashboard’ page. You will be able to see recent products that you have added in the bottom right. To add a new product click on the ‘add product’ button and fill in all relevant fields including:

  • Product name, long & short description
  • Assign it to a category
  • Add a representative image
  • List the price (you can add a sale price and schedule it to last for a certain amount of time)

Once details have been entered, you can list your product by clicking ‘Add Product’, or save it and complete the product at a later date if you need additional information.

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Adding a coupon

If you want to offer a special discount, you can add a coupon which can then be distributed to your chosen customers. Click on ‘coupons’ in the dashboard and fill out the coupon code and a description/amount of the offer that you want to distribute. When all these details have been filled in, click ‘Add coupon’.

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Viewing your items

You can view your portfolio of added products in the ‘Products’ section of the dashboard. Items that have been purchased by customers can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Orders’ tab on the dashboard menu.

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If you are still struggling to list items contact us on 01202 665433.