printerecycle has been designed to sustain the printing industry by turning redundant stock into cash.

printerecycle was an idea that came from inheriting a debt-ridden company I had invested in as a silent partner 8 years previous with my best friend. I was left with a stock that was not worth selling direct to market as the products were all small sizes and redundant. I only had a well-known auction site to try and turn these products into cash to pay suppliers. I soon became a Power Seller and understood what a great tool this was but gradually learnt it was not specific to an industry. The Printing Industry understands what a blanket is but on the site I was using a blanket could be an electric or Superman blanket for example.

H2 Industrial Supplies Ltd is the company and I have continued to keep this business and honour the debts with payment plans last year. I have used my relationships in the Printing Industry to sell Personal Protective Equipment, 3M Tapes, Spill Kits and Tools and shown savings with quality products and service.

Members of printerecycle from around the world choose to recycle their stocks and save money with us. Members are Manufacturers, Suppliers and Printers in the Printing Industry.

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